Our Top Picks to Help You Get Fit in 2019

Posted 10th Jan 2019

Have you decided to begin your fitness journey this year? Here are some of our favourite activewear and accessories to help you get started.

1. Sports Bra

For a lot of us out there, sports bras are a vital part of your exercise routine. This means it is important to pick the right one for you. M&S Bon Accord have a huge range of sports bras that vary depending on the level of impact and sizes ranging from A-GG. Plus they have a range of styles to suit anyone and everyone.

2. Water Bottle

It may seem simple, but staying hydrated is so important when you are working out! With this in mind, it is a good idea to get yourself a reusable water bottle. We really like the style of these Dopper sustainable water bottles from John Lewis Aberdeen. Not only do the bottles look great, but Dopper is committed to reducing single use plastic. Do your bit for the planet while you get your morning run in!

Dopper sustainable water bottle, £12.50 at John Lewis

3. Gym Leggings

Whether its cycling, yoga, kickboxing or spin – leggings are a must have for any fitness regime. Our pick for leggings have to be Ivy Park at Topshop Bon Accord. We love the style of these leggings and how supportive they are.

4. Home Gym Equipment

If the gym is not your thing, why not invest in some home gym equipment? Two of our favourites are this Reebok Z-Power cross trainer from John Lewis and this coral yoga mat from M&S.

Reebok Z-Power cross trainer, £399.00 at John Lewis
Coral yoga mat, £29.50 at M&S

5. Healthy Eating

Healthy food doesn’t have to mean boring food! There are so many healthy eating cook books out there to give you inspiration. A few of our favourites include: the Covent Garden Soup Co’s “A Soup for Every Day”, the “Lean in 15” book series by Joe Wicks and a range of vegan cook books including “The Part Time Vegan” by Sarah Flower, “What Vegans Eat” by Brett Cobley and “There’s a Vegan in the House” by DK. All of these books can be found in Waterstones or WHSmith.

An honourable mention that comes under the healthy eating category would be Holland and Barrett, which stock a range of healthy snacks, protein powders and vitamins to get your health on track.

Lean In 15 by Joe Wicks, £16.99 at Waterstones (currently half price!)
A Soup for Every Day by the Covent Garden Food Co, £6.00 at WHSmith
The Part-Time Vegan by Sarah Flower, £9.99at WHSmith
What Vegans Eat by Brett Cobley, £14.99 at WHSmith
There's a Vegan in the House by DK, £12.99 at WHSmith

6. Fitness tracker

Fitness trackers are a fantastic way to keep yourself motivated, set goals, compete against your friends and track your activity. There are a range of these available with different features and price points. This rose gold Garmin Vivomove smartwatch means it is perfect for wearing out on a run or to the office with its sleek design and discreet display. If you are looking for more of an entry level option, we would recommend the Garmin Vivofit fitness band. This fitness tracker can tell the difference between walking and running and will give you accurate data on our activity.

Garmin Vivomove HR Sport Smartwatch, Rose Gold £149 John Lewis
Garmin Vivofit 3 Fitness Band, Regular, Black £49.99 John Lewis