Three Simple Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

Posted 3rd Apr 2020

Looking for ways to keep your children occupied over the Easter holidays? Here are three Easter crafts they can try out!

DIY Daffodil

What you need: lollipop sticks, coloured pens (green), cupcake cases, yellow paper or card (or plain paper and yellow pen)

Note for adult: it may be a good idea to pre-make a stencil or the daffodil for kids to trace around

Step 1 - Trace a daffodil templateon to the paper (or free hand a daffodil shape) and cut out

Step 2 – Glue cupcake casing on the front in the centre

Step 3 - Colour in lollipop stick and glue onto the back

DIY Daffodil

Paper Cup Bunny

What you need: plastic, paper or foam cups, colouring in pens, googly eyes, pom poms, glue, paper (white and coloured for ears), scissors

Step 1 – colour in paper cup (optional)

Step 2 – cut out bunny ears and stick them down with glue to the back of the cup

Step 3 – stick googly eyes on and draw a face

Step 4 – stick pom pom on for the tail

Paper Cup Bunny

Paper Plate Chicken

What you need: paper plates, coloured pens (yellow), yellow feathers, coloured paper (orange), googly eyes, glue, scissors

Step 1 – colour in paper plate yellow

Step 2 – cut out of orange paper: two long strips for legs, little diamond for beak (could be triangle if you want it flat), two triangles for chicken feet

Step 3 – Fold the long strips into little squares for crinkled look (optional) and glue to the back of the paper plate

Step 4 – glue triangles for feet to the bottom of the legs

Step 5 – fold the diamond in half and glue down for beak or just stick triangle down in middle of paper plate

Step 6 – glue some eyes on

Step 7 – glue feathers on to the back of the plate for wings

Paper Plate Chicken

If you are looking for ways to keep the kids entertained over the Easter holidays, our Easter garden will be back from the 30th of March and will offer free kids activities daily throughout the school holidays!