SFF Services Limited/ Greyhope Bay Lighthouse

Have you spotted artist Moira Milne painting one of Clan’s Light the North Lighthouses? We spoke to SFF Services Limited who commissioned the work.

SFF Services Limited (SFFSL) are wholly owned by The Scottish Fishermen’s Federation and were delighted to be a sponsor of Clan’s Light The North Trail. Employees chose Hope is the Anchor of Life by local artist Moira Milne as their favourite design and the company were then allocated as it’s sponsor.

“We wanted our sponsored lighthouse to be situated at a fishing port which is why Hope is the Anchor of Life was situated in Scalloway, Shetland for the trail.

After the trail the lighthouse were auctioned to raise fund for Clan Cancer Support. We were hoping to successful in bidding for our sponsored lighthouse which we were going to donate to Greyhope Bay. Unfortunately we missed out on this lighthouse but we did have a back up plan!”

“We successfully bid on a large blank lighthouse and commissioned Moira Milne to paint after giving her a design brief. This lighthouse will be donated to Greyhope Bay by Marine Environmental Solution (MES) which is a subsidiary of SFF Services Limited. MES brings a range of environmental services to the offshore energy market.

Services include noise mitigation to ensure the protection of marine wildlife, environmental monitoring and fishing intensity studies which is why we are thrilled to be donating this lighthouse to Greyhope Bay who connect and engage communities with our marine world”

“This has all been possible by the generosity of Bon Accord Centre in providing Moira with a unit to paint the lighthouse and for us to tell our story.

The unit is now Moira’s artist studio and passers-by can watch her as she creates her masterpiece!”

You can find Moira and the lighthouse at the crossing between our Bon Accord and St Nicholas malls until mid August.

Learn more about SFF Services Limited and Moira Milne.




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