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10 Student Flat Essentials 2020

Are you about to start uni or college? If you’re looking to find those essential items every student flat needs, we are here to help!

1. Novelty Glasses Pot, Next £5

Next novelty glasses pot 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490

2. Pure Cotton Bee Towel Gift Pack, Marks and Spencer £10.00

ms pure cotton bee towel gift pack 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490

3. Joseph Joseph Dot Hydration Tracker Water Bottle, John Lewis £9.99

John Lewis water bottle 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490

4. Live+Be Awakening Glow Bundle, Boots £6.00

Boots LiveBe Awakening Glow Bundle 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490

5. Gold Make Your Dreams Happen Money Jar, New Look £7.99

new look gold make your dreams happen money jar 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490

6. 16 Piece Cutlery Set, Next £16

Next 16 piece cutlery set 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490

7. 12 Piece Plant Print Dinner Set, Marks and Spencer £25.00

ms dinner plat set 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490

8. Shine Saucepan & Frying Pan Set, John Lewis £90.00

John Lewis 5 set pots and pans 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490

9. Yankee Candle 6 Votive Set, Boots £9.99

Yankee Candle 6 Votive Set 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490

10. Multicoloured Avocado Stress Ball Pen, New Look £4.99

New Look multicoloured avocado stress ball pen 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490

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