Collagen: Beauty inside and out with Holland and Barrett

Beauty inside and out with Holland and Barrett.

Collagen is fast becoming the next big thing in the world of beauty.

Famous names from Jennifer Aniston and the Kardashians all swear by it. So why is it so popular and how can it benefit you? Let’s answer some questions!


Why is Collagen so important?

Collagen makes up a third of all protein in the body, providing structure in bones, skin, muscle, tendons and ligaments. It is also found in blood vessels, your corneas and teeth. It plays a key role in our everyday health & wellbeing.

Everyday stresses can cause Collagen to breakdown, and we produce it less and less as we age. This makes supplementing with Collagen very beneficial.


How does collagen work?

It helps to maintain the elasticity of skin. Some have found their skin feeling younger after taking collagen for a while, others report that it helps with muscle and joint pain.

I have issues taking huge tablets, what else is available?

We have a fantastic range of Dose & Co collagen powders that also includes a creamer (in vanilla and caramel flavour) which is the perfect choice for adding to your morning coffee, work out smoothie or to perk up your porridge.

Come in and check out our full range, there’s so many possibilities!


I’m vegan, aren’t all collagen sources animal derived?

Yes, they are however there are supplements that can help with collagen formation in the body.

By providing the collagen building blocks you are encouraging your body to produce collagen itself.

One of our best options for this is the Starpowa vegan collagen support gummies. These also have the added bonus of tasting great! Just make sure to limit yourself to 2 per day.


Is there anything else that may help?

We also have our Oleus range of skin care, which includes a collagen day cream. This can be applied daily and is the perfect accompaniment to the Oleus Hyaluronic acid serum (which can help with keeping water in the skin).

Customers tell us that after taking collagen supplements, they have experienced; clearer skin, improved digestive health and even in some cases reduced muscle and joint pain. Perfect if you are experiencing those tell-tale signs of aging.

With so many options to choose from, make sure to visit us in store and talk to us about all your collagen needs.

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