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Meet the sellers at Bon Accord’s Christmas Market!

Every Thursday – Sunday until December 23rd we will have a range of local stall holders at Bon Accord to show off their lovely work. From sweet treats to handmade jewellery you will find the perfect Christmas gifts by shopping local and supporting these small businesses!

Sweet Toots Cakery

Danielle works from her garage at home to bring sweet delights to Aberdeen and surrounding areas. She has an array of unique flavours and a wide range of treats from cupcakes to traditional Scottish tablet. Danielle says her kinder brownies and biscoff cupcakes are her two best sellers, but every day she tries new flavours to bring something different. She currently has more than 10 flavours of tablet including parma violet, Irn Bru and condensed milk.

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Instagram: @sweettootscakery

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IMG 1568 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490

Nom Nom Fudge

Amanda and Doug have been running Nom Nom Fudge for 2 and a half years now with the inspiration coming from Doug’s young daughter. This family run business is hoping to beat the world record with 156 different flavours of fudge! They also have hot chocolate stirrers which have proved a huge success over lockdown. Their most popular fudge flavours include sticky toffee pudding, strawberry cheesecake and Oreo.

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Instagram: @nom.nom.fudge

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Tawbis Studios

Anne has been running Tawbis Studios since last year and mainly supplies handcrafted jewellery. She became interested in making jewellery when she received a silversmith course as a present a few years ago. Since then she has been keenly crafting beautiful and unique pieces as part of her limited collections. Based in Kingswells Anne also offers jewellery making workshops and music tuition.

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Instagram: @acbuckle29

IMG 1583 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490


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Esker Spirits

In 2015 Steve Duthie opened Aberdeenshire’s first gin distillery on Royal Deeside. At Esker Spirits they are proud to use silver birch sap, a feature of Royal Deeside, and tap locally. They currently offer 5 gins and 4 vodkas using local, natural flavours and describe their business as quality, full of flavour and defined by taste.

IMG 1584 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490
Instagram: @eskerspirits

IMG 1586 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490


IMG 1585 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490

Blue Wasp Creative

Clare Terris has been running her business for 10 years and creates wonderfully happy designs which you can get on almost anything! Her most popular pieces are mugs and coasters and she has hand drawn everything herself. This year she has created a 2020 design that encapsulates this year as a whole, while amplifying that things will get better!

IMG 1588 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490
Instagram: @bluewaspcreative

IMG 1590 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490


IMG 1593 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490

Cove Honey Bees

Brian has been beekeeping for 7 years and is in his second year of business. His niece Katelyn helps him with running the business and Brian creates honey, jams, bee’s wax, and even honey sticky toffee pudding. He does all this from his kitchen at home! This stall is definitely worth visiting if you’ve got a sweet tooth…

IMG 1594 2020 12 05 132825 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490
Instagram: @cove_honey_bees

IMG 1596 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490

IMG 1595 2020 12 05 132806 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490

Catherine Redgate

Catherine has been designing everything from lens cloths to keyrings since June 2018. She decided to start her side business and became a hit among animal lovers. Her highland cow is the most popular print and she has illustrated an array of animal designs that portray all different parts of the world. She has even created a family game that is based around Aberdeen!

IMG 1600 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490
Instagram: @catherineredgateart

IMG 1602 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490

IMG 1606 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490

Big Up The Deen

Ica Headlam started his creative merchandise 3 years ago after his podcast embracing Aberdeen and all positive vibes became a success. Ica is proudly using all local printers and upcycling to create his merch. His most popular items are his beanies which feature a William Wallace tag. Originally from London, Ica came to Aberdeen and dedicates himself to biggin’ up the Deen!

IMG 1611 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490
Instagram: @bigupthedeen

IMG 1614 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490

IMG 1613 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490

Hrafn Gin

Brothers Callum and Peter Sim decided to start distilling gin as a hobby after a holiday of whisky and gin tours 2 and a half years ago. They named their business Hrafn Gin (Hrafn meaning Raven in viking) and are now exporting 3 different gins and a marmalade. They decided to make marmalade from the leftovers used to make their gin making sure to limit all waste. They wanted to create a gin you can still taste even after you swallow it – why not test and see if they have?

IMG 1619 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490
Instagram: @ravenspiritsltd

IMG 1622 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490

IMG 1621 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490

Richie’s Chilli Sauces

Have you got a taste for heat? Richie has made up 4 pickles, 3 hot sauces and a salsa to knock your socks off! Over lockdown he began selling online and has now expanded to chilli fudge and chilli chocolate spread.

IMG 1638 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490
Instagram: @richieschillisauces

IMG 1641 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490

IMG 1642 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490


Isla has just launched her jewellery making business this year after graduating from university. All of her pieces are made from 5 different eggshells and she only uses sustainable and natural products. Isla planned her degree show to be inspired by and using food and she has brought that to life with her business. In the future Isla hopes to expand to becoming a lifestyle brand and would like to create everthing from jewellery to homeware.

IMG 1658 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490
Instagram: @and.ilc

IMG 1660 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490

IMG 1661 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490


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