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Supporting sustainability together!

Companies all over the world are thinking of new ways to become more sustainable. This includes coming up with new creative ways to recycle and reduce waste. Action toward sustainability is being seen more and more throughout Bon Accord.

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The Greenhouse, ROKA Bags

The Greenhouse has a range of sustainable products in store such as ROKA bags. They also have a wide range of plants for your home and garden. Visit The Green House team to find out ways you can help the planet by owning plants and gardening!

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New Look, Kind Range

New look has their Kind Range in store at Bon Accord that is focused on sustainable clothing. Over 50% of New Look items are made from responsible fabrics while reducing plastic by reducing and recycling packaging plastic. Over years, New Look has made a shift to support sustainability throughout their company.

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The Body Shop, Refill Station

In 2020, The Body Shop in Bon Accord re-opened with a new look offering sustainable products and a re-fill station. If you love The Body Shop you won’t want to miss out on easily re-filling your favourite products. Visit the team to talk all things sustainable!

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Holland and Barrett, Zero Waste Products

Holland and Barrett have a range of zero waste beauty brands in store. They feel strongly towards sustainability and support the need of change in the way products are produced, along with where they end up at the end of their life. You can shop these products in store today.

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Boots, Recycle and get rewarded

Have you got empty product containers that you no longer need? Visit Boots, Bon Accord to recycle your health, beauty and wellness products in exchange for some extra Boots Advantage points.

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Superdrug, Beauty Banks donation

Superdrug has partnered with Beauty Banks to collect donations of health, beauty and wellness products. Drop off your unopened unwanted products to the Beauty Bank in Superdrug, Bon Accord, to be rehomed to families in need.

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The Perfume Shop, Recycle empty bottles

The Perfume Shop collects old perfume bottles to be passed onto their recycling partner. As a thank you, 10% will be discounted off your next purchase! Remember to bring your empty perfume bottles next time you visit Bon Accord!

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Costa Coffee, Reusable Cups

Costa offers a selection of reusable cups to purchase. Buy yours today and bring every time you visit to save use of non-reusable cups!

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Bon Accord, Refill your bottle

Did you know Bon Accord has a water refill machine on Upper Mall? Do your part to support sustainability and reuse your bottle every time you visit Bon Accord!

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