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Our Top 9 Kids Halloween Costumes 2020

1. Maleficent

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Maleficent Costume For Kids £28.00, The Disney Store

2. Vampire

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Vampire Boy Children’s Costume £14.99, John Lewis

3. Unicorn

ms unicorn 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490
Fleece Unicorn Onesie £20.00, M&S

4. Firefighter

MS firefighter 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490
Pure Cotton Firefighter Onesie £20.00, M&S

5. Elsa the Snow Queen

disney elsa the snow queen 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490
Elsa the Snow Queen Costume For Kids Frozen 2 £33.00, The Disney Store

6. Woody

disney Woody 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490
Woody Costume For Kids £26.00, The Disney Store

7. Bumble Bee

John Lewis Bumble bee 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490
Travis Designs Bumble Bee Children’s Costume £18.00, John Lewis

8. Skeleton

John Lewis skeleton 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490
Glowing Skeleton Children’s Costume £14.99, John Lewis

9. Jack Skellington

disney jack skellington 62ff1b4736c3847352eb2ca67418a490
Jack Skellington Baby Costume Body Suit £12.00, The Disney Store

Bon Accord Pumpkin Hunt Halloween 1ebcaa304e819a57900805cc1e88884d

Looking for something to do during the October holidays?

15 pumpkin stickers have been hidden in the windows of various stores around our Bon Accord and St Nicholas malls.

Tell us where all 15 stickers are using the form below and be in for the chance of winning a £50 Bon Accord gift card!

Check out our event here!

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